'The Last Interview and Other Conversations' by Roberto Bolaño

A collection of interviews with the celebrated Latin American author.


For fans of Bolaño’s work, it is a must read, not only for the insight it reveals about his own work but that of many other writers as well, both those who have influenced him and those he detested. (There are plenty — many of whom I’ve read; many others I will now explore).


His thoughts on literature and culture aside, this book may also prove to be inspirational to both writers and aspiring writers out there who want to seek out an author who was unquestionably his own man.


‘The Last Interview‘ — literally his last; he died three weeks later — is the more lighthearted, playful exchange whereas the others have a much more serious tone. Overall, for it’s insight into his work and the work of many other (mostly) Latin American authors (complete with footnotes explaining who they are and works available) this is a highly inspirational read which will make any writer serious about their work to be more disciplined and focused about their own work. Highly Recommended.

Source: http://www.juliangallo66.blogspot.com