"Amulet" by Roberto Bolano

From Chile, Roberto Bolaño’s novels keep coming out every six months or so, making it virtually impossible to keep up with them.  Most of his work has been released posthumously and its a shame the world lost this writer as early as they did because he is simply brilliant.  “Amulet” is about a student trapped in the bathroom at a Mexican university on that fateful day in 1968 when the military and police stormed in and gunned down many of the protesting students there. 


While trapped alone for twelve days, she reminisces on her life and the people she had known, all writers and poets.  There is a lot of references to Latin American literature here and a knowledge of those books and authors would help appreciate this novel more but it isn’t absolutely necessary.  A highly charged account of a certain time and place and a celebration of youth rebellion and idealism.  Highly recommended.  

Source: http://www.juliangallo66.blogspot.com