"Swell" by Ioanna Karystiani

From Greece.  A wonderfully written novel about life at sea, the importance of true love and the learning of valuable lessons late in life.  There are plenty allusions to Greek myth here and the language is so rich and poetic that it takes some time to really get into it.  Not an “easy” read by any means.  Although the book is written well, the language nothing short of superb, I found it a little difficult to actually get into the story itself.  For me, it seemed as if style trumped story here. 


Not that it’s a bad story but this is more for those who love literary novels with rich, poetic language which have you savoring the words and deftly written sentences.  Personally, I wish the focus was more on the story itself.  With that said, I plan on exploring this author further.  Already immensely popular in Greece, she is definitely one to look out for here in the English speaking world.  Recommended. 

Source: http://www.juliangallo66.blogspot.com