"Italian Tales" by Various Authors; Edited by Massimo Riva

This is a highly literary anthology of contemporary Italian authors, published by the Yale University Press.  It brings together an excellent sampling of Italian fiction that is very much little or unknown to the English speaking reader.  The style of these stories and novel excerpts vary as much as their author’s do but what you have here is nothing short of amazing work, a perfect sampling for those who are interested in contemporary Italian literature. Featured are Luigi Malerba, Gesualdo Bufalino, Sebastiano Vassalli, Giorgio Manganelli, Gianni Celati, Lalla Romano, Anna Maria Ortese, Frabrizia Ramondino, Ginerva Bompiani, Antonio Tabucchi, Daniele Del Giudice, Erri de Luca, Pier Vittorio Tondelli, Vincenzo Consolo, Pier Maria Pasinetti, Paola Capriolo, Paolo Valesioand Franco Ferrucci.  
For me, personally, the standouts are Gesualdo Bufalino, Erri De Luca, and Pier Vittorio Tondelli and I immediately sought out their novels once I finished reading this collection. 
For those interested in the wide range of Italian literary fiction, this is a great place to start.  Unfortunately, most of these authors are not available in English so if you can speak and read Italian, my suggestion would be to seek these works out.  
Source: http://www.juliangallo66.blogspot.com