"The Proof of the Honey" by Salwa Al-Neimi

A very interesting novel from this Syrian author at times recalls Anaïs Nin with her open exploration of female sexuality. Banned in most countries in the Arab world, Salwa Al-Neimi attempts to explode the myth that sexuality is taboo in the Islamic world through the exploration of ancient Islamic texts and Arab erotic literature in which sexuality is not only encouraged but revered. In the story, the narrator is asked to contribute to a conference on the subject of classic erotic Arabic literature. It evokes memories of her own life, revisiting moments of her lovers, desires and shared intimacies. Inspired by One Thousand and One Nights, asides are integrated into the narrator’s personal story as well as the stories of her lovers, offering a glimpse into what is often thought of as taboo in the Arab world. It is the intermingling of language and sex, the narrator asserting that “Arabic is the language of sex”---the “language of the body” affirming her own personal desires. Fans of Anaïs Nin’s writings---and the French novelist Hèléne Cixous for that matter---would definitely appreciate this book. Highly recommended.

Source: http://www.juliangallo66.blogspot.com