"Lisey's Story" by Stephen King

I’ve heard a lot about this book well before I decided to read it. It was supposed to be something different for Stephen King, something less focused on horror and more focused on a more traditional story. Well, this book is certainly free of the horror (monsters, demons, etc) that he is best known for but it is most certainly not free of the psychological horrors we, as human beings can often inflict on one another. I have to say I really enjoyed this book. I haven’t read much of Stephen King but from what I have read, this book was something very different for him. Is he dipping his toe into the waters of “Magical Realism” here? In some ways, yes, but ultimately what you have here is a love story, albeit a sometimes very dark one. It is the story about a marriage and how the deep love two people can have for one another can overcome many things, even in death. Is this a ghost story? Well....yes and no. Not literally, anyway. A sort of “ghost story” where the dead husband of the main protagonist is still sort of “around”, internally, that is, guiding his wife through trauma and grief, helping her cope. There are some “psychological thriller” elements as well but I don’t really want to give away too much of what the story is about so that if any of this seems interesting to you, you’d might want to go and check this out for yourself. It is the story about love, marriage, sisterhood, and most importantly, it seems to me, the idea of finding just that right person in your life who is willing to live in the world of imagination with you.

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